What to pack when traveling for the first time?



Winter Jacket/Sweaters 2 Should be warm enough for sub-zero temperatures. Its good to have a light jacket and heavy one. For students in colder regions, its recommended to have jacket with thinsulate.
Gloves 2  pair  Advisable to get waterproof ones and ones with thinsulate
Woolen Sweaters 1-2 Get at least 1
T-shirts 6-8 Casual ones for daily wear in campus
Jeans 3-4 Don’t buy too many. You get good ones in the US ($20)
Formal Shirts 3 Required only for presentations and interviews.
Formal Trousers 2
Ties 1-2
Blazer/Suit 1 You will need them for formal outings and interviews
Formal wear for Ladies 1 Formal skirt/trousers, shirt, Blazer/skirt suit.
Casual Shirts 2-3
Undergarments 5-8 Laundry is normally done once a week. Bring enough to last you that long.
Thermal Wear 1
Night Wear 5 Bring a few shorts/pajamas and T-shirts along
Traditional Wear 4 A couple of pairs as there will be many opportunities to wear them
Formal Shoes 1-2 pairs
Sneakers 1 pair Several are available here
Flipflops 1 pair For summers
Shorts 4
Belts 2 Get one formal one at least.
Track Suit/Shorts If you work out, you will them
Blanket 2 They are available in the US and are cheap.
Bed sheets 3 They are available in the US and are cheap.
Pillow Cases 3
Comforter 1 These are heavy to carry, its better to buy in the US.
Towels 2


Back Pack 1 Get one large enough for carrying books to campus
Scientific Calculator 1 Dependent on your major
Text books Typically, your courses and their related syllabus is available. Please look into those to find the textbooks you will be using and try to get at least some of the more expensive ones. There is always interlibrary loans and amazon.
Toiletries (Women may have more and will have to plan/stock according to their needs)
Tooth Brush 3-4
Tooth Paste 2
Razor and Blades 12
Scissors 1 pair
Deodorant 1
Nail Clippers 1
Pressure Cooker 1
Plates, spoons, pots, etc Bring some but you can buy the rest at supermarkets like walmart or chains such as the family dollar.
Knives Please make sure you pack them in your checked baggage, if you bring any.
*Special requirements (Vegans or otherwise) would want to bring some pickles, chutneys etc that might last a few months.
Other Important Documents
Spectacles 3 Priced high in the US
Medicines Please bring your medications with prescriptions. Also, you may bring the regular stuff (for pains, fever, cold cough, allergies etc). Please make sure you store them in the luggage that is checked in and not your carry ons.
Passport sized Photographs 10
Copies 3 Of everything, passports, I20 and any other important documentation
Immunization Certificates Please make sure you have them with you
Medical Insurance
International Drivers License If you have one, please bring it.
Health Records Make sure you bring your lab records, particularly, if you have any pre existing condition. This will help the physicians over here to better assist you.



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