What do visa officers like to hear?


Several students want to impress their visa officers. They go out of their way to take about their research interests etc. In the process, they may falsify some information. The number one rule for a successful visa interview is not to lie. These officers interview thousands of students, every year. They are a great judge of character. They always like honest and sincere students.

Clarity in communication

It is very important to communicate clearly. Students need to pay attention to the question being asked or the information being requested. The golden rule is to be polite and answer to the point. Visa officers do not like long answers. Also, it is very important for students not to anticipate follow up questions and start giving out information. Most times, visa officers are trying to get “your story” for studying in the US. There is no such thing as the wrong answer. Students need to tell their unique stories that led them choose a certain university, or a program or a country.

Justification of university/program/country

Students need to be well aware of the details of the degree program and the university that they plan to attend. Visa officers often try to understand the reason for choosing a certain program or a university.

Some students who consider a change of major should take extra caution to justify their decisions. One of the ways to educate yourself about the degree program is to communicate via email/phone with the advisor of the program. Every department has faculty assigned to perform their duties as advisors.

There are a myriad of questions/experiences posted on various blogs/websites for students to read in order to prepare for a visa interview. And yes, it is okay to read them. But, the above aspects are probably the 3 most important things that students need to pay attention to. These 3 things enhance your probability for a successful visa interview significantly.

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