What are the different kinds of degrees available?


There are thousands of colleges/schools/universities in the US that offer thousands of degrees. The options that are available at these institutions are highlighted in this article.

Associate Degrees: These are two year programs, mainly associated with community colleges.Community colleges are cheaper, smaller in size compared to your regular universities, and usually have twinning programs to transfer the credits to apply towards a Bachelor degree.

Bachelor Degrees: Four year institutions and universities offer these degrees. Four year institutions offer bachelor degrees only and are more focused on teaching.

Graduate Studies (Master and Doctoral Degrees): Universities offer these degrees. Some are focused on teaching, but will have limited focus on research. Others, particularly the ones offering doctoral degrees will not only focus on teaching but will have extensive focus on research. Universities in general are more expensive then community colleges or four year institutions.

Minors and Certifications: Various departments within institutions/universities offer a variety of minors and certifications. Minors are intended for non majors. For example, a math major may be interested in computer science. While earning a BS, MS or a PhD, the math major could also earn a minor in computer science to enhance his/her skill set. Certifications are more dependent on the major. Certain majors do not have certifications but others have several. These certifications are intended for non majors and majors to earn a validation that they are trained in that specific area. They help with job prospects.

Public Vs Private: All institutions are either public (run by the government) or are private. Typically, private institutions are more expensive. The university ranking is not influenced by this distinction. Some of these universities may be for same gender only. Some may have a certain religious affinity. There are services for disable people at almost all institutions. All of them try to provide financial assistance,student housing, and other student related services.

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