Where to seek medical care?


Unlike other countries, United States has the most expensive and comprehensive health care system in the world. However, to utilize health care in the most appropriate way, it is always recommended to understand some of the basics regarding health care. Most colleges and universities mandate that international students should purchase medical insurance each year. Often it is a condition of enrollment that international students must show proof of comparable health insurance coverage or purchase a policy offered by the institution. Many different types of insurance policies are available in the market, and the benefits can vary significantly from one policy to another.  In some cases, the type of insurance policy affects where you may obtain medical treatment. For this reason, it is important that you understand your insurance policy, before you buy it.  If you do not understand your insurance policy, ask your international student advisor or your insurance company to explain. It is always better to discuss about the medical insurance coverage with your fellow international students before you get one. Please do not consider it as a financial burden.

Where to Seek Medical Care

For most international students in the U.S., the best place to obtain treatment for a medical condition is the Student Health Center located on your campus.  In the event you need specialized medical care after your initial examination or treatment, the medical professionals at the Student Health Center can refer you to the appropriate medical provider.

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