How does one assimilate?


Studying in the US will provide a different cultural experience. A truly democratic state that has people from all around the world offers fantastic experiences. Expanding your horizons by meeting and interacting with students from various countries and cultures can be most memorable.

Every university has clubs and organizations that provide various opportunities and programs to facilitate such interactions. Food events, cultural events, fairs, excursions, debates, competitions, host families, local partners are a few that come to mind.

Most students complete their education and later find jobs in the US. Most end up immigrating and starting their families in the US. The need to assimilate cannot be overstated! As legal residents of the US, each and every person should spend time to understand various things. Things that offend people or certain races, political issues, historical influences and so on. In this particular case, ignorance is not bliss.

Furthermore, students from countries who are not primarily English speaking can improve their communication skills by mingling and spending time with local american students. Students are taught differently in the US. The education system, grading, policies are vastly different from other countries. Partnering with local students in your courses can help you learn these things quickly. You can achieve better grades too.

All in all, students must actively take it upon themselves to familiarize this new and amazing culture for their own benefits.

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