Who are body shoppers?


A vast majority of students end up at consulting firms after their studies. The goals of these firms are to train these students in cutting edge technologies, market their resumes and ultimately hire them for a commission. Some offer green card processing, health benefits and retirement benefits as well. All this looks fantastic on paper, however, there are a myriad of problems that both students and these firms run into.

Most of this works based on trust. This goes both ways. Both the students and firms try to take advantage of each other. While the model is sound, it does not work when each party is trying to cheat the other. There are tons of ways each can cause damage to the other. I will not go into that. What can students do to protect their interests?

Start with doing your research. Talk to current employees of the firm. Look at how many employees are at the firm, green card processing capabilities, transparency and the history of the firm. Reviews are available online. Try to negotiate the best model that would work for you. Be clear on what you expect from them. Particularly on the time estimates. Training period, marketing period etc. Try to have everything on paper via an agreement. This way if something is not met, you have an agreement in writing that you can hold the firm to comply with. Most of all, try to find a firm where you have a friend or a cousin or an acquaintance that you trust. They will give you first hand experiences that is invaluable.

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