How to experience new cuisines?


Food – something none of us can live without. The US offers a wide variety of cuisines. Pretty much, every cuisine is available. Most international students prefer to eat what they are accustomed to. In fact, most do not like american food, at first. I say that because, as they try eating various things, they develop a taste for things they first disliked.

This is a great opportunity to try various kinds of foods. Students who are always hungry (with their metabolism) tend to prefer buffets. Buffets are easy on the wallet. Various cuisines offer these buffets not just for lunch and dinner but all day long.

I have known students who walk into a buffet at 11 am and get out at 6 pm. All the while, working on their projects and getting stuffed. But, be sure to easy your way when trying these various cuisines. Sometimes, they may not sit well with your stomach. This is not because the food is bad, but your stomach is just not used to it. While in the US, I recommend everyone to try various cuisines and enjoy themselves. Last but not the least, the local cuisine is fabulous. Particularly, the barbecues, burgers, doughnuts, and many other american specialties.

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