How to overcome the fear of programming?

Fear of programming

I often hear students talk about the difficulty in programming. As CS/IT majors, it is expected of students to be proficient in programming. Students can use the summer before they arrive in the US to go through crash courses or certification programs that can hone their programming skills. Try to contact your prospective department’s graduate coordinator to find out the languages and interactive development environments used and enhance your skills before you arrive.

The only way to get better at programming is to practice programming. It is like math. The more you do it, the better you get. Practicing different programming languages and using various programming paradigms make your learning curve that much easier while learning new technologies. CS/IT is a dynamic field and all of you who choose this field will be learning new things more often than not. You are preparing yourself not for your studies but for your long and successful career.

Students can do themselves a favor by not complicating what a programming language is. As humans, we use a language to communicate whether it is English or Arabic. Similarly, a programming language is used to communicate with a machine. You are the master issuing commands to the machine in a way that it would understand. This state of mind makes a lot of things easier when you are learning how to program.

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