How to finance your education?


Study in the US can be very expensive. However, there are several options available to students. Students must try to find multiple ways to support themselves. To begin with, most banks offer student loans at competitive interest rates. A diligent student may talk to several loan officers before choosing one. Typically, a bank would require proof of admission etc before approving your loan application.

Second, there are various forms of merit based scholarships, assistantships, and student worker jobs available at US universities. Common sense would suggest state universities to have most funding. Students should research various university websites to learn about recent grants and analyze their financial health. Students applying for such assistance must meet financial application deadlines and submit the appropriate forms.

Third, some universities work with third party consultants and may provide cohort pricing. If you can research to find a university that meets your requirements and has such an arrangement, you will be guaranteed a discounted price upon admission. These are not waivers but are discounted tuition rates.

All in all, students must research every option and should leave no stone unturned. There is lesser competition if students choose departments that have low international student population.

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