How to understand admission requirements?


Guidelines for admissions are given by 3 major offices within an university: International student office, graduate school and the particular department.

 Students need to be aware of all requirements and if there is a conflict, then the department’s rule takes priority. For example, a graduate school might say minimum GRE required is 300, however a specific department might say they require 300 and also, specify 150 to be the minimum in the verbal section. In this case, if you are applying to that specific department, then you MUST meet the 150 verbal requirement as well.

Applying as early as possible should be your preference. First in first out policy. Several departments tend to cherry pick when they are numerous applications. However, when they evaluate students who have applied very early, the chances for borderline applications increases tremendously.

Following submission policy is critical. Students must submit information in the specified method of preference. If a score needs to be officially reported, a student must do so and not submit copies of their test scores. Students must submit in the correct format (some documents may be submitted electronically while others need to be physically mailed).

Typically, evaluators do not like to look at your SSC, intermediate and other irrelevant records. Please make sure you do not include any unnecessary information or extra copies. Students MUST strictly follow the guidelines specified.

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