How does H1B quota works for students?


In recent years, there has been a shortage in H1 B visas. There are 65000 available each year and many more apply for those making it a lottery. Thankfully, there are an additional 20 thousand visas available for students graduating from US universities. They need to graduate from an accredited organization to be considered for this option.

What most students do not know is the availability of unlimited H1B visas if they work for nonprofit organizations. There are several institutions that hire people for work and have to sponsor H visas. These include universities and many more. Finding a job at a non profit organization might earn you a lesser pay. However, non profit organizations are not bound by these H limits. They can apply as many H1’s as they please throughout the year with no time limits.

This means a way out of the competition involved in getting the quota H1s. Students should weigh the pros and cons before opting this path. It gives a way to stay in the country rather than leave because of the non availability of H1 visas

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