What is “Learning Commons”?


Most universities have tutoring centers or student help centers often called learning commons. They are typically located in the library. Students pay various fees along with their tuition. These fees include the use of recreational centers (gyms, playgrounds, swimming pools, courts), library resources, laboratories, equipment to print/copy/scan, wi fi access and so on. This means the services provided to you by the learning commons are free of charge. Now, what do these services include?

Trained majors help you with your assignments, projects and terms papers. This does not mean they do your work for you. But, they help you understand and point you in the right direction to make your work better. Typically, English, Maths and computer science related help is provided at these centers. There are computers, presentation rooms, video recorders etc for you to practice, prepare, and get assistance in reviewing your work. Students wanting assistance should request for an appointment at the center. Once the appointment is set up, students must go there well prepared. Make sure you take the original assignment guidelines given to you by your instructor along with the work you have completed. If you need help getting started, then you will be only taking your guidelines with you. In my experience, a student almost always gains something by going through this exercise. Several international students were able to write their term papers without getting into improper referencing, improper formatting or worse, plagiarism issues by using these services.

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