What is an online degree?


Distance learning has been transforming education in the past two decades. Traditional universities too offer several online degrees. There is a school of thought that in a few decades from now, the concept of brick and mortar schools will be outdated. Nevertheless, for students who do NOT wish to relocate and travel abroad but would like an education from a US university may opt for online education.

The benefits are fantastic. Whether you are aspiring for a degree or would like to enhance your skills while working full time, this option gives you the perfect solution. First of all, there is no need for any visas. Second, no need to relocate. Third, you can choose to take how many over classes you want. Typically, there is no restrictions that apply to F1 visa holders. Great reduction in tuition rates. You are not moving here, which means, no out of state tuition. Last but not the least, quality education from an accredited institution. There are several programs that offer you degrees online.

However, students need to be careful of some for profit institutions that are not accredited. There are websites such as “gograd” that rate online degrees, discipline wise in regards, to cost, quality, ease and other variables. For example, Columbus State University (which is not a tier 1 research school) offers an online degree in Computer Science is rated extremely high because of its versatile track options, cost and quality of education. Their program is rated ahead of major research universities.

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