Why choose a Computer Science degree?


Students making career choices should realize that the highest number of billionaires over the past two decades were a result of technology and in particular, computer science. While there are many promising majors, CS in many ways is ahead of them all!

First of all, no matter what background you are from, you can still choose and excel in CS. Second, most CS departments provide excellent funding opportunities, which means, better chances at getting a free ride. Third, and the most important reason is that the department of labor predicts a steady increase in CS related jobs over the next few decades. Not just that, DOL predicts that the most sought out jobs would be in the area of or related to CS. Now, that provides job security. Several news outlets have rated that the software architect position was the number 1 job in the US (various variables were in play).

The last reason is the one I hinted at the start of this article. Students who plan to retire by 40 or intend to become entrepreneurs should give CS a serious thought. With the flexibility of working from home to the involvement of computers in every business can ensure that you cannot go wrong by choosing CS related career.

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