What are the means available for local transport?


International students receive a brochure (prepared by the International Student Office) along with their I-20. This brochure includes everything related to housing, food and travel. International students typically prefer to stay with students from their own countries, particularly, in the beginning. Contacting representatives from their university authorized student organizations’ would provide all the details and help in getting picked up and accommodated.

Universities run shuttles that students may use for free to travel. These shuttles run in and around the campus only. To travel to other places, students must either choose public local transport (buses, metro rails etc) or private transport (rent/buy vehicles, cabs etc). There are numerous flyers in the campus which advertise sale of vehicles etc. And of course, there are several car dealers. Getting the blue book value and a car fax report would make it extremely easy to buy a good vehicle for private transport. Though the international driver’s license may assist for a temporary time period, every resident must get a license via the local agency as quickly as they can. A driver’s license can be used as an identification document too (fewer headaches than carrying a passport).


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