How to prepare for various exams?


Is it necessary to attend coaching centers for the various exams? The answer to this question depends on the very student. Some are capable of preparing with no other help (books etc). Of course, then, there is the internet where there are unlimited amount of resources. Others, how ever attend coaching centers for various reasons. Some lack the discipline and motivation to stick to a task. Attending a center will keep them on track. Some lack the skills or confidence and hence would like the help of a coaching centers. Some attend these centers for timing issues. Crash courses, condensed material, well structured tests are all available in a small time period.

Attending a coaching center has merits. A student gets to mingle with others who are also in the same boat. A student gets a broader exposure. Knowledge about the process, universities etc among other things. However, one should remember that attending a coaching center comes with a price tag. Also, a student preparing for a test typically buys one book or two books that may contain 5 – 10 practice tests. At a coaching center, a student may be able to access practice questions and tests from several books, which is invaluable from a preparation perspective.

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