What can get you accepted at a university?


The three most important things for an applicant to get accepted are GRE/GMAT (you want to push this score as high as possible), TOEFL/IELTS (minimum required is enough) and your undergraduate gpa (the higher the better). As a member of the application evaluation committee, after looking at these three things, I read the statement of purpose (SOP), and then, review the transcripts. An applicant’s SOP can be very influential. A truly inspiring SOP can get them over the line. Transcripts are reviewed to look for number of failures, and if the student was repeating any key courses etc. Then comes the recommendation letters. Getting these letters from the best professors (well known) really helps. Work experience is another key factor. So, if you have any, make sure you include appropriate proof. Finally, research accomplishments by students can be very influential. If a student has published a paper in a conference or a journal due to his/her undergraduate research, then that would be a great way to convince the reviewers to accept the student.

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