What are my opportunities after I graduate?


A degree earned from a reputable institution in the US usually provides an excellent chance for getting a well paid job. Please remember that jobs are not guaranteed just because a student graduates from an Ivy League university. It just betters the chances of finding a job. Universities have career services that assist students in their job searches. These services include workshops for resume building, career fairs etc. They are free of cost to the students. Students can always use their personal network, social network or the internet to search for suitable jobs. It is best to work with International Student Office (ISO) to apply for work permit (OPT). Students must understand that their life changes in many aspects, once they start working. It is extremely important to work hard and build good work ethics at their new jobs. Also, the OPT status is a temporary situation. Students must plan to apply for their H visa if they wish to work in the US. They must have their company sponsor their H visa. There are several immigration forums that discuss and layout the procedure to apply for a permanent resident card which is next logical step after the H visa approval.


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