What are the guidelines to ensure suitable educational background when applying to a degree program?


Usually, students know the major area of interest that they would like to pursue in the US. However, there are some factors that they need make sure before they apply for admission into a degree program.

Students with 3 year BS degrees may not be accepted to MS degree programs. These programs require 16 year studies. The good thing is there are universities that do grant admission based on 3 year BS degrees.

Students need to understand the meaning of degree name. Masters in Information Technology is not the same as Masters in Information Systems or Masters in Computer Science. Reading through the degree program outcomes will help a student understand the intent of the program.

Students tend to change their majors at the Masters level. Some just switch for better career opportunities, others do it for research. Whatever the reasons are, making sure that the undergraduate educational background has the foundations needed for the degree program is absolutely vital. Yes, there may be some prerequisites to fulfill to ensure success. But, even those may prove challenging to overcome.

In summary, understanding one’s own background coupled with the degree program’s outcomes, leads to choosing the right the course of action.

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