What is the procedure to invite family and friends to the US?


Friends and family of international students are welcome to visit the US. Typically, a letter of reason should be provided either by the student or the university. There are various reasons why parents/friends visit their acquaintances. The most common one is to attend the graduation ceremonies. For this, the international student office at the university checks all the details and issues a welcome letter for friends and family to visit the ceremony. Visitors will then use this letter to apply for the B visa at the US consulate. If the visitor plans for tourism, then the student will have to write an invitation letter and also, complete an affidavit that guarantees financial support. Or, the visitors may self-support and can provide proof via a financial statement from a reliable source. While on the B visa, the visitors must strictly adhere to the regulations of the visa. These regulations are available on the USCIS website.

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