How to create an impressive resume?

ResumeStudents should work diligently to build a set of resumes. Students in US universities have a chance at applying for student worker jobs, research assistantships and teaching assistant-ships. Our recommendation for every student is to prepare 3 resumes, one of each of the different job available. The resume should concentrate on highlighting what is required for the job at hand. For example, a resume that is intended to secure a research assistantship to concentrate on research related experience of the student. Be it paper presentations, published papers, project experience, whatever. Several times, based on the job descriptions, these may still have to be customized to provide more information.

There are several websites that provide great information and tips on building resumes. For example,, etc. Simple google search can provide more sites. Also, various templates are available to use that can be found online, within minutes.

The following are the list of things a student should keep in mind while building a resume:

  • State the objective of the resume at the top of the first page – what is it that you are trying to accomplish
  • Never lie about skill set or experience – interviewers can quickly determine and dishonesty never helps
  • Take courses in the first semester that can add value and build your resume – continue this till the end of graduation as that can help with full time job search
  • Build a set of resumes based on the intended job and customize further, if the job description demands it

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